Thursday, November 13, 2014

Huntsville Half Marathon

This was a weekend in September that I have been looking forward to since last October when we decided to do this race.  My best friend from highschool Heather and I signed up for the Huntsville Half in February.  We had a training plan that we were both following, and it was really helpful and motivating knowing that I had her to answer to if I didn't do my runs.  This was Heather's first half marathon, and I am so proud of her and all of her hard work and sacrifices.  She lives in southern Colorado now, and the weekend went by too fast.  It also happened to be the coldest weekend of our entire fall season :(  I can't believe we haven't gotten together more, this was the start to at least a yearly get together! 

At packet-pickup the night before there were random super heroes in at the Salamon Center in downtown Ogden.  Captain America is a favorite of this family.  Jack didn't want to look at the camera, but to just be in the picture...I pick my battles and this wasn't one of them :)

Playing with kiddos the night before

On the bus to the starting line sporting our new race headbands

Another friend Britany from up in our neighborhood was running the race too!  It was her first half marathon as well, she and Heather ended up running a lot together.  And did I mention that it was pouring rain?  Wettest race ever.  I kept that poncho for most of the race.  There was a kids race afterwards that the boys had signed up for, but we all decided there was too much rain.  We ended up going to the gym and they raced around the track in their race shirts and still had fun. 
Later that night after warm showers!

The next day before heading back to the airport. 
Thank you so much for coming out Heather!  We will get together again soon! Love you always :)