Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bike Rides and Races

Nathan has taken road biking this year to a new level.
He has a lot of drive, and an excellent climber, so
he participated in long distance races(100 miles) this year and
many long Saturday rides.

The Ultimate Challenge
The fifth leg of the Tour de Utah pro race was also
open to amateur riders before the pro pelleton rode
up this course to Snowbird Ski Resort. It 
had 13,000' of climbing!
Tom and Kristie met us up there too! 

 Tour de St. George
This century ride taught a few things about how to not
use too much energy too soon.

 Mommy set up a tent in the living room, and that is where
we slept one night when Daddy went to St. George for his race.
There was this small little window that the kids would go through,
they called it their "bunny hole".

Helping Daddy get ready, in their tent, and then we sent the picture with our "Go Daddy" sign while he was racing, hoping he'd get it and it would cheer him on!

Circle the Summit in Colorado
This century ride was going great...until a missed turn that resulted in a missed summit that resulted in missing part of the ride.  As he came into the finish (he was early, so I couldn't believe we had missed him at the finish line) he realized his mistake and took off again to get in all the miles.  We met him at the top of that summit at Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort, and he was done by then.  He had all the miles in, we just made our own finish line :) 

Another long ride while in Colorado

Harvest Moon Crit Race
Nathan's only sprint race this year. 
His mom and dad went to see him in this one!

Not pictured was a point to point century ride the "Interlaken 100", a ride up Mt. Charleston in Las, Vegas, up Mt. Lemon in Tuscan, AZ, and each Saturday's very long bike ride.  We have a running joke that I still haven't seen him finish a race.  He's been faster than he had expected, so I haven't been at the finish line yet, but we have been to many of his rides/races, and we always have the same "Go Daddy!" sign and cow bells that we ring.  Nathan has really taken off into cycling this year, and his goal is to not take too much of the winter off and start right up next season.  He's logged 2000+ miles this summer. Saturday mornings in the summer we'd have to work out a system because I would want to run and he'd want to ride.  So I became a night runner :)  We'll see what next year brings!  Definitely the LOTOJA race:)