Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Raising Moths

My dad is an amateur entomologist, and each year
he has provided us with cocoons or caterpillars of
different moths to raise.  He brought us some
cocoons this year of polyphemus moths. 
They all hatched one night of a big storm, and 
we were able to take them to the preschool to show
and teach the kids.   
When they hatched, it was late at night, but I was
so excited I woke the kids up to see them :)

Ms. Tami holding a moth

Close up of a male polyphemus

Now we currently have caterpillars that each 
day we have to clean out their containers and add
more leaves.  It is a fun summer
science experiment that we get to share,
and I remember doing as a kid too :)


Jennifer said...

Those are huge moths...