Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Year Later...

What a difference a year makes!
Last year in May my mom suffered a major heartattack.
She is one of the few lucky to survive the type that she had,
and to celebrate another year of life, we headed out to 
Colorado over her birthday.
At this same time last year we were also hoping to be able to
add to our family, and we have since been blessed 
with Jonathan Carl.
This last year has been good to us! 

We all stayed with Grandma Kitty at Lincoln Meadows,
she is so nice to always let us stay with her, and we love to!

 We got to visit Cinnamon

 Grammies and Jonathan at the barn

 For Christmas Nathan and I got iFly certificates from
Grammies and Boompa to try out indoor skydiving.
It was awesome!
James wanted to try too, and with the new 
Dragon's movie coming out and Hiccup has
a flight suit in the movie, we decided he could try too.
 Mommy flying

 Daddy flying

James flying.
They had to turn the air down for him
or he would've flown through the roof :)

It was lots of fun, we'll go again when Jack is 
old enough to try it!
Grammies, Boompa, Grandma Kitty, and Jack and
Jonathan watched while we had our turn.

 I love this sweet shot

 The boys getting ready for bed

 Night-night sleepy pie.

The next day we had a family dinner for Grammies!
Uncle Dana and Aunt Maggie came up from the Springs,
and Uncle Kyle and Aunt Carol came too to Lincoln Meadows
to celebrate life and family.
 Grammies at the family birthday party holding the sleeping babe.

 Uncle Kyle holding the little guy

I got to see my best friend growing up Heather on the trip too,
and I can't believe that we didn't get a picture :(
We have planned a race together in the fall so I'll get a whole 
weekend with her and I'm so excited for that!

Happy Birthday Grammies!!!
We are glad we could celebrate with you!


Jennifer said...

That skydiving simulator looks awesome! I want to try that some day!

Kathy said...

I didn't know you tried the skydiving! I can't believe that James did so well. It's really a fun thing to do, right:) We also loved it when we tried it!