Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Valentine's Day

So I need to catch up, and little one is finally sleeping
more, so I think that I can do it and be done by the end of the 
month (that's the goal right now!)

Valentine's Day was great around here.
February was really "Baby Watch" month, as
we didn't know when baby Jonathan would make his 
appearance and with all the Braxton-Hicks and false labor,
and 2 hospital visits, we predicted he would come much earlier
than he did.  Anyway, I did not want a Valentine's baby and it 
happen.  Here is what did instead:

James had his cute pre-school party, we
made Frozen valentines that said:
"Valentine, you're worth melting for"
and had the parts of a "melted"
edible Olaf snowman in a bag.
He also wrote his name on all of them!

 James all dressed up for the party!

James at one of the activities for Valentine's Day
That night (it was the day before Valentine's Day)
Kathy had her "Utah" kids over for a special V-Day 
dinner complete with heart shaped food and fancy
table settings.

Valentine's evening Nathan and I actually hadn't made
any plans (again not knowing and waiting for baby),
and I wanted to spend as much time together as a family
of four, so I packed up some dinner and met Nathan at
his office for a special dinner there and a chance to watch 
whatever movie the boys chose.
The chose Spy Kids 4?! It actually was enjoyable
and I loved seeing the joy on their faces. 

Jack enjoying the whip cream from the
strawberries and cream dessert

And why not finish off all of the sparkling cider too,
straight from the bottle :)

I had a 
 Happy Valentine's Day
with my sweet boys!