Monday, March 24, 2014

February Baby Watch Activities

Here are some of the pictures that we captured in February.  We were all wondering when baby Jonathan would make his appearance, so I feel like we kept things lower key than we have in the past few months.  I did go to the hospital with contractions on the 10th, but I wasn't progressing and the contractions ended up stopping, so I was sent home, and he wasn't born for another 15 days!  After that we were on "high alert"  and wondered if every set of contractions would continue, or putter out.  Many a day I would be counting them (yes, they were that strong to be counting them), so we would try not to go too far from home on those days :)

At the first part of the month there was lots of snow in our yard,
and so Nathan and the boys built a fort in the front yard!

Another time out in the snow, Jack was helping me by
shoveling the snow...then he stopped to eat it :)

 James helped shovel too, and was very good at it.
He first made a snow angel.
These boys love the snow!

 Built a huge marble works "castle".
I used three boxes worth, and every single piece (these were my and my sister's 
when we were little and still going strong!)

 Watched a movie on the iPad on the new recliner

 Went to the mall and spent $2 in quarters on rides

 And played at this little play area there

 This was on Saturday the 22nd, and we got out of the house,
but I had been having contractions all day.  We found a 
Sweet Tooth Fairy store in Layton!  So naturally we stopped for a
delicious cupcake treat.

 The boys were very excited about this outing :)

 Playing chase and caught Daddy

 Playing racing cars

 Here they were pack animals? Not sure why, 
and so they had to carry the stools around.

 Lincoln logs play.  Made a house which was great, then they brought out
their construction toys and proceeded to demolish it! 

Snuggles with mommy.