Monday, March 19, 2012

Second Day in San Diego

On Thursday in San Diego we first went to Carlsbad to eat some really yummy Mexican food on the beach. Aubreigh showed us where these little baby sand crabs were, and there had just been a hatch because there were thousands. They were actually kind of gross, reminded me of bugs mostly. She scared me when I was catching some and I got sand all over her face. It was like being a little kid again. Then decided to go to Sea Port Village to maybe do some shopping, walk around and then go to the temple.
Nathan and Kendra at Sea Port Village
During the taking of this picture a very creepy looking man was right behind Aubreigh, in her personal space, and we were all getting a little worried that he was going to try to steal the camera. Weirder still was he was carrying an old television set...

At Sea Port we split up into boys and girls, and both independently got things at this hot sauce store. If you know Nathan and I then you know that we are hot sauce conisours. Both he and I bought different hot sauces to try out. Ha! Then we came upon this man who was balancing rocks. He we pretty amazing. He did a demonstration right in front of us, so yes, we can guarantee that the rocks were not glued together, they are only balancing.

Rock Balancing
Amy, Ryan, and Matt took a try at it, too.

Towers of Rocks, right there on the water.
Wouldn't those be cool in your yard?
Though I'd glue mine because the guy even said sometime the wind will come up and blow the towers over.

Nathan, Matt, and Ryan with new hot sauces.
The hot sauces had names like "Slap Yo' Mama Hot" "Ring of Fire" and we even got Jelly Belly's with a kick of hot sauce in the middle.

After walking around Sea Port we went to the San Diego Temple. Last time Nathan and I went was for our honeymoon, so it was neat to be able to go back. The temple was of course beautiful, and during our session the boys thought there was a earthquake, I did notice a little shaking, but didn't really think of it. The girl next to me and Aubreigh had pricked her finger on a pin (why she had a pin even?), and so we were looking for a tissue to stop the bleeding. After our session we decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory! Why not right? It was later than we usually eat dinner, but without kids to worry about, it was heavenly. Aubreigh told the waiter it was Nathan's birthday (because it will be later this month), so he was very surprised when they brought out his piece with a candle:) We packed so much into that day, we didn't get back to the condo until about 11pm, and never once went back to the condo after we had left that morning. That is when we realized we really were living it up being sans kids because there is no way that would have worked with little ones around.

The San Diego Temple
I love the picture of everyone using their phones taking a picture, what a tech world we live in:)