Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Friday in San Diego

Friday was epic in San Diego. The boys woke up early and went on a chartered deep sea fishing trip for the day. Their job was to catch dinner:) Us girls then went out and got mani's and pedi's with "Shellac" nail polish. I've never had a manicure before, and it was nice. I got french tips on both, and a few weeks later, they are going strong with no chips. That is why "Shellac" is amazing! After the nail place we decided on Italian for lunch, and went into this place that was so good, and so authentic. It was some of the best pasta I've ever had, I ate the whole plate right there.

Then we decided to hit up the outlets in San Diego. I don't consider myself very fashionable, so it was really nice have two very fashion conscious friends with me to help me pick out clothes. While at the outlets we got a text that the boys had caught a three hundred dollar fish and were on their way home! We got excited for them, asking questions about it, telling them to sell the fish, we'll eat something else that night.
Then we got clarification...between the three of them they had caught one little rockfish, which cost them all together three hundred dollars just to go fishing, so it was technically a three hundred dollar fish.
Not the three hundred dollar fish,
but a sea lion that they got to feed on the boat.

Nathan ended up getting really sea sick, even after taking Dramamine, twice.
Matt was feeling sick, from a sinus infection that was back,
Ryan felt okay, but was a bit annoyed with others on the boat.
We all felt so bad for them.
So did others on the boat so they were given a few more rockfish so that we could have dinner:)
While talking about our day over the scrumptious dinner of rockfish (with some of that new hot sauce!) the girls were talking about our nail ladies and their lives, hopes and dreams. Matt said "Wow, we didn't learn anything about Captain Dan". Ryan chimes in "Wasn't his name Ron?" "Yep, his name was Ron Parker. I stared at his name plate for five hours while I was sick in the boat" Nathan said.
That was a really funny moment. The girls learned everything about the nail ladies and the boys didn't even really catch the boat captain's name!
Nathan on the fishing boat, before sickness


Angela said...

Looks like such a fun trip! How great to get away with friends! Poor Nathan- no fun! And I totally just got my very first manicure on Valentine's day- I got the shellac too- it's great, but be careful not to pull it off when it starts to come off. Speaking from experience, it does a number on your nails. Mine are still healing.