Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Christmas Post: Part 3

Getting home on Tuesday, James (and us of course) got to see his Manwaring grandparents. Both sets within just a few days of each other? He was spoiled the Christmas. It was fun too that we got to drag Christmas out a little longer. James got some clothes, a book, and a really fun fisher price car station. I (well we) got a beautiful crystal goblet set, which I love. Thank you!! We had a good time with Mom and Dad Manwaring, put together shelves in the basement, and had a really good time talking and playing games like Mormon bridge.

Opening presents with Grandma

James liked helping his Grandpa do manly work

They got to stay a few days before they went back to AZ from having Christmas in Idaho. It was great to see them, and we wish we lived closer to both our parents. James especially loved his Grandpa this trip.
James and Grandpa looking at the iPad, they both like the tech stuff

Learning letters on the iPad with Grandpa

No offense to the Grandmas, I'm sorry he didn't go to you as much!!! He likes men more at the moment, but I know he still loves you!! Thanks for coming and sharing Christmas!!