Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Christmas Post : Part 1

Christmas was in Colorado this year, and boy did we do lots of fun things. We wanted to see Santa at the mall, since last year was a long line and we decided not to wait in it because didn't really know who Santa was anyway. Well, this year, we got to the mall on Christmas Eve at 9am, and the line was already really long. However, that line was to then get a ticket to wait in the real line to see Santa (kinda weird if you ask me). That line was 45 min long. The ticket then gave you a time to come back, then you had to wait in the Santa line that was 45 min long also. Our ticket time........1:15pm! And there was no way to even get a glimpse of Santa without waiting. So here is this years picture:

We found a Santa in a display window, and that was the only thing we could find

James still liked it

I also wanted to go see Zoo Lights. One night when we decided to go, it got to late, so right next to my Grams' house is "Wildlife Experience". They had lights all outside, and I guess inside too. We decided to walk around the outside and see the lights. When we got there, we found that it cost $10 a ticket to walk on the sidewalk outside (the ticket did include going inside, where we later found there was a Santa and reindeer). Anyway, we didn't pay that, and walked outside and still saw all the lights, next to the sidewalk.
Grandpa John and James looking at a lighted reindeer

Kirstin, Mom, Grams, and Kendra enjoying lights, for free!

Manwarings next to the Moose, it seemed appropriate considering where we live

Christmas eve we had the unexpected pleasure of seeing my cousin Nolan and his wife Tasha and their two kids, Landan and Dakota. Landan (3years) and James took to each other right away, and played and played. I haven't seen Nolan since his wedding, about a month after ours! They would be moving to Wyoming in January to work for a railroad where Nolan is a mechanic. We wish them luck on their journey.

The whole gang: Grams, Us, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Carol, Nolan, Tasha, Landan and Kota

Getting two little boys to sit on a couch and look at the camera = impossible

"Cheese" faces!

After seeing family, we went over to my Aunt Diane's place for Christmas Eve dinner. She moved to Colorado in October, and was very excited to have us. So we ate, and watched "It's a Wonderful Life" before heading over to the barn to see Cinnamon and read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" out of an old book that my Dad has had since he was a little boy. I don't know if we planned on it being as cold as it was though. And poor Nathan, my Aunt has cats, so his allergies started up at dinner, and then being at the barn just got worse with the horses. Those are the only two animals he's allergic to, and he was bombarded with allergens that night.

Us at Aunt Diane's place for dinner

Reading the story, it's a tradition

More to come!! Look for Part 2 soon!