Monday, March 8, 2010

Same Place...this time not so fun

Look at the last post here....

What do you see? A frozen lake, walking on it with Lady...

Well, Saturday we went back with Matt and Aubreigh to show them the frozen lake, and walk to {hopefully} induce Aubreigh into labor. Not only did that NOT happen, but Lady fell through the ice at about the same spot as this picture.

Well, actually it was just past that last little stand of cattails that you see right behind us. We had gotten to the same spot on the trail, I took off her leash, and jumped down onto the ice (maybe I should have kept her leash on),and she ran to that same spot and we heard a splash. She was all wet, and not getting out. She was holding onto the ice, spread eagle like, with her back legs kicking and kicking, and she couldn't get out. So Nathan got out on the ice with that 2x4 that you also see in the picture to check the depth. It was about as deep as his thigh, but she was stuck. So he and Matt go out to get her. Aubreigh's thinking we should call the fire department. I'm actually getting a little worried now because that water is cold and now both our boys are out there too, and Lady is still holding on, and half submerged. Nathan ended up falling through the ice too and got all wet, but only up to his thighs, so it was cold, but not too bad. He eventually laid on his stomach on the ice and used the board to distribute his weight, and pulled her out. Then Matt helped her get back to the shore.

We had just talked about having an adventure on the way there.....

Everyone had a nice hot shower when we got home, and Lady is now nice and soft from her bath. She did not want to go outside though the next day when it was slightly raining, I think she is done with water for awhile.

THANK YOU Nathan for pulling her out, my hero :) xoxo
And THANK YOU Matt for helping and risking getting all wet for me and my silly puppy.

It was stupid to go out on the ice, and now we know better for sure how fast a stupid idea can get dangerous. Better to learn this lesson on a shallow lake than a deeper one that we'll live near soon in Mountain Green.


About the Parks' Team... said...

I will forever laugh at my favorite two comments of that day:
1. "Oh, that's not good." - Kendra as she hears the splash of Lady falling into the frozen lake.

2. "Go." - Nathan commands Matt to get out of the way. He was VERY cold.

So fun, thanks for the "experience"! I am so glad everyone is okay.

Kate Bailey said...

That is so scary! I'm glad that the water wasn't deep so you guys were able to get her out! I remembered thinking, as I looked at that picture of you guys standing out on the lake, "Wait! you're there because the weather is warm! it's probably melting!" but since nothing happened I didn't think anything more of it. So glad that it wasn't worse this time, and yes, I'm glad you had this experience here rather than on a deeper lake! Glad everyone's okay.

John and Victoria said...

glad everyone made it out ok!