Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

What did you do for Valentine's Day?

Our Family Heart made from veggies :) A fun morning surprise

I got a NAP and a fun scavenger hunt for my Valentines cards on Sunday, and Nathan cleaned the bathroom and other things on Saturday morning. I was a little out of it though and when I found him cleaning in the bathroom (I thought he had just left the light on and the fan going so I went to go turn them off) that morning that my reaction was "what are you doing?" "cleaning" "hum, weird". I know, I'm horrible, but I was just waking up, and I was tired, you get the picture. Nathan got a nice Valentines Day letter and card from me waiting for him after church (our ward meets at 8:30am, entirely too early for church if you want my opinion).

Wait, didn't he give you flowers or chocolates or something?

We decided to forgo the usual stuff as because a) last month he got me this (its red! ) and b) we decided to get this:

Yes folks, we found the place that we've decided will be our first place, in Mountain Green, UT. Less than a mile from Equation Consulting's new office, this place will feature all the things the Manwarings love, like the outdoors by bordering the Cache National Forest.
"Um, hate to break it to you" is probably what you are thinking, "but there isn't a house there".
Yep, we are going to BUILD a house. That is our little spit of land, and across the street is national forest. So AwEsOmE!!

Check out some plans here if you are interested, that is pretty close to what we are building (exterior will have a red "accent", so also appropriate for a Valentines gift)
and the community website here


Breanne said...

Yay! We drove through Mountain Green this past week-it's beautiful there.

Kate Bailey said...

That's so great! I'm super excited for you guys, and I completely understand why you decided to skip on gifts for Valentine's Day. :)

Joey and Michelle Chandler Family said...

How exciting! Many fun decisions coming your way. Nathan playing at the John Schmitt concert was awesome! Nathan is so good! You're little boy's 6 mo. pics are adorable.

John and Victoria said...

your house plans look really nice, how exciting! and what a nice lot you found, I know how you guys love the outdoors, sounds perfect for you!