Wednesday, February 17, 2010


These two are such cute buddies. Lady watches James' every move, and if we ever go outside, she is always right there sitting or laying beside him. When he is playing on the floor inside, she is like a nanny and lays down near him, and always has her eyes on him. James in return loves to watch Lady and see where she is going. He laughs at her and likes to pet her too. They are so cute, and a great friendship I can see is just growing :)

Giving a tummy rub

Lady sits watch while James inspects the grass

A passing bus catches both of their attentions


Jonny said...

Kendra! It's Rachel here. I heard through Grandma H. you guys might be looking for a house in Farmington....if that's the case, come look by us! There are a few houses for sale! Karissa has my number if you want to talk! Love, Rach

Kate Bailey said...

Aww, cute pictures! As I was reading this I glanced over and Hannah was trying to hit one of our cats with her broom. Hmm. Different kind of relationship going on over here. :)

Love the frames you made, too! They look great!

John and Victoria said...

So cute, makes me want to get a dog so that our little guy can have a friend... but I think that might be too much to handle since I've never had a dog before and I probably wouldn't have time to train him before the baby comes! Lady is so good with James!