Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bath Time!

James LOVES bath time! He has also started splashing, and it is just the cutest thing. Not to mention sucking on the washcloth. Here he is at Thanksgiving enjoying his bath. Enjoy!


Kate Bailey said...

So cute! He's a good little splasher! It's so nice when babies love bathtime, because nothing smells better than a clean baby! :) And what is it about sucking on the washcloths?? Hannah loved that too! And we still use the sponge that we got at the hospital to wash her body, and she constantly dunks it, sucks out all of the water, and redunks it. It kind of grosses me out. LOL.

Kate Bailey said...

I think about you every year when we pull out that nativity set! We love it! A word of advice about the lights, though... remove the nativity from wherever it is before you start putting the lights up!! I was dumb and tried to do it around it and one of my wise men fell and landed on the store hearth of the fireplace!!! Argh. I had to glue it back together, and it just doesn't look the same, despite my best efforts. :) And yes, let's definitely get together sometime during the day! Hannah naps from about 11:30-2, but we're open before or after that! Mondays are out and Thursday mornings are out, but I'm usually open other times.

Chapples said...

I love it when they splash!! Usually I read blogs during Makenzie's nap but she won't take her nap today, so I read with her on my lap. When she watched James she giggled at him! We should let them meet in person sometime! :P