Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Jordan's Blessing

Nathan gave Jordan a beautiful blessing the first weekend of October.  We were so blessed to have family and friends come, and then to come to our home afterwards for a great lunch!  We gave Jordan the middle name of Hugh, after Grandma Hiller, Annie Hugh Olsen Hiller.  It was the name of the missionary who gave her a blessing after she was very sick as a new baby and her parents thought that she was going to die.  She is an example that I always want our boys to remember, and now Jordan will as he grows up.  We love this sweet little one that has joined our family.

Friends and Family!

Manwaring side

Daddy, Grandma Hiller (Jordan Hugh is her namesake!), Mommy and Jordan

Mommy's side

Jordan sitting on his little friend who we'll meet soon!!!

Good friends here to share the blessings :)