Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Eagle Adventure's

So the other day we saw this from inside our house:

A Golden Eagle, just sitting on this post for a good twenty minutes while James and I got ready with binoculars and all to go on an adventure to see him closer.  We watched him from inside until he flew away, but just down by the Silver Lake pond there was a Bald Eagle in the tree!  It made me want to go out to Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area to see more Bald Eagles!

A few days later we decided to check it out. We have Oaklee with us on Thursday's and she was excited for the adventure too.  Turns out today there weren't as many eagles as other days, or we have to wait for them to come, but it was still fun.  Jack even gets in on it, he likes to see eagles and say "eagle" too.

We saw these two from the car

There is also a website: http://dickpritchettrealestate.com/eagle-feed.html 
There you can watch a live Eagle Cam on a nest with two baby Bald Eagles right now.  Everyday we have to turn that on and see what they eaglets are up to.

Then this last week, we got to see, as I was driving up in our neighborhood, the Bald Eagle mating ritual.  It is where the two mature eagles with lock talons while flying, then spiral towards the Earth still locked together, and then brake away.  We got to see them do it TWICE!  I was so excited, James couldn't believe that the eagles were "crashing into each other, whoa! And falling in the sky!", and then Jack was excited because we were and just kept yelling over and over "Eagle, Eagle, Eagle".  That was a bucket list item I wanted to see, and I got to see it from WHERE I LIVE!