Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Yard Work

I did my very own, very first, yard project (besides mowing, which by the way I had never done until we moved here, and now I think I've done it most of the time). I put in edging between the grass and flower/shrub bed, then I raked in new mulch. So I guess not much, but I got to go to Home Depot by myself (James included though of course), pick out the edging that I thought we'd need, got the mulch, had to go back to get more mulch and stakes because I didn't know we'd need more and that. Then I dug up the area, staked it in a curvy pattern, put the dirt back, then started spreading mulch. James was a huge help! He loved getting the stakes and the hammer for me, then he'd hammer while I'd hammer. And he really like dirt, and wasn't even eating it this time.

I need this tool...

Okay, all ready to help mommy!


Kate Bailey said...

It's fun to work in the yard and see how nice you can make it look! I bet it was even more fun to have a little helper. Hannah likes to help me pick weeds, but I have to watch closely or she picks flowers instead. :)