Thursday, January 28, 2010


Time changes everything. And big changes came the Manwaring way this month...

...before a five day business trip that took Nathan to 5 states in 5 days (AK, TN, PA, MD, and NJ, and the jet lag and time on a plane, it actually makes me feel dizzy just to think of it) we wanted to at least be close to a decision concerning which business school to attend. Nathan would be with Rick, the main partner of Equation Consulting for five days, and what a perfect opportunity to tell him if he wanted to stay and grow in the company, or if he'd be leaving. We'd been praying lots about what to do, talked to many different people, had lots of applications and interview processes, and even a rejection from a school in California. We decided that the best thing for our family right now, and in this economy, is to stay with his current firm and attend the University of Utah to receive his masters degree there. What a decision, and to wait for so long (a few years) to now apply to the other schools to now decide to stay?! Well, it felt right, and after telling Rick on the trip, Rick was so excited he got Nathan an iPhone (which is cool, but at the same time can be annoying to have so much information at your fingertips. Did I mention that I hate texting?)

Anyway, so there we go, now onto stage two of that decision....HOUSE HUNTING!

Can you say yikes?! And to meet the tax credit deadline, we've got to get our behinds moving! We've been probably to close to 35-40 houses in person, not to mention the {hundreds} we've been looking at online.

Oh yeah, AND this all happened the same week we bought a car, which I bought at the dealership without Nathan as he was somewhere on a jet plane.

Anyone interested in buying an 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe? Still working on selling that too.

Big stuff, and now it feels like we've only touched the tip of the iceburg since the house buying process is now upon us. Can you say stress?

On to the fun stuff though...James is the CuTEsT baby EVeR!! Grandma Hiller pinned it on the nose... "he is just perfect".

Could he be any cuter? I submit that he cannot! James and Mommy


Breanne said...

He is so cute! I love that big smile. What a fun age.

Tell me more about your Santa Fe.

Chelsea said...

Thats a great picture. Congrats on all the decisions lately, good luck with house hunting, it can be a long long process!

Kate Bailey said...

Wow, those are some big decisions you guys have made lately! I didn't even realize you were considering staying somewhat local, but good for you! That's great! I'm glad that he got into a school where he can pursue his degree, and he's able to stay with his current job. That's awesome. Good luck with the house hunting. It IS incredibly stressful! And it doesn't really slow down until a couple of months after you're moved in and settled. I can't even imagine all of the houses on the market right now, and there must be some great deals available! Good luck in your hunt! And try to enjoy it! It's definitely stressful, but it should be fun, too!!! You're buying your first home! At least you're not pregnant all at the same time, right?? :)

That picture is adorable. His face just lights up when he smiles. Love it!

Romy said...

Wow, that's a lot of things happening all at once. Todd got his MBA from the U and really liked the program there. So, good choice!

Good luck with the house hunting. It is both a stressful and exiting time. Can't wait to read about what you decide to buy.

John and Victoria said...

James is such a cutie! Good luck with the house hunting!