Monday, October 29, 2018

Clark Planetarium

 While Grammies and Boompa were out to visit, we decided to go to the Clark Planetarium.  So many neat interactive exhibits!  It was a hit with Boompa who loves space and all the boys.

Checking out who a tornado forms

 Everyone touching the meteorite 

 Look at all of us there!

 Jett and Boompa when we got home

He's such a good little guy!  And we did it!  We went out with all 5 boys!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May at the Dinosaur Museum

It was a perfect Saturday evening right before the last week of school, great temperatures (unlike the previous wedding Saturday), and we decided to go to the Ogden Dinosaur Museum with Grammies.  We went only and hour before the inside museum closed, and 2 hours before the outside part closed, but it was just perfect.  Not to hot yet, not crowded, our kind of place!  

 Jonathan and mommy near one of mommy's favorite kinds of dinosaurs, a hadrosaurus.

 Daddy and the boys by an allasaurus 

 Of course a favorite for mommy was the skull that was an impressive collection.

Grammies needed a picture to prove she went up and down stairs!
She did very well walking around, and I think my boys do her health good.

 Digging for fossils

Mommy felt like helping too :)

Mommy and all the boys

 Outside Jonathan liked this baby dinosaur because it was "hatching"

 Why not take a ride on a dinosaur too?

Grammies and the boys

  Jack conquers a dino
What isn't to like, dinosaurs combined with a playground?

 This shadow portrait was pretty awesome.  The sun was just right for this dino to go after Nathan!

 The "everybody look at the camera" picture

And then...
...this AWESOME "scream because a dinosaur is coming!" picture. 
 I think this is going on our wall somewhere, it is frameworthy!

After the dino park we actually took the kids out to a resturant (we never do that), and had dinner at Chuck-a-rama.  I was skeptical, but the boys LOVED it!  Jack kept saying "this is the best meal of my life!!" (Thanks buddy).  And all the boys ate well.  

 Of course loving the last cream.

Jordan right now LoVeS to put his socks on his hands...'s pretty cute.  He has been talking up a storm the last few weeks, and each day he does add at least one new word to his vocab.  Makes him and us all happier.  

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Memorial Day Shenanigans

 Memorial Day this year we  had planned other things, but sometimes plans don't work out and that is okay!  All the boys are out of school for the summer, and so the later nights and mornings are welcome.  A good start to the summer!

Nathan had a good race in Sugarhouse...

Any crit race where you can walk away and not have crashed is a good race.

He was in the front breakaway the whole time, and did win a primes lap worth $50, not too shabby. 

Saturday I got a text from an old friend from BYU, and she was in Eden and wondered if we happened to be home later that day.  Neither of us had our husbands with us, and it was fun to visit Meghan and our kiddos got to play a bit. 
She lived next door at DT sixth floor, and she was just awesome.  It made my day that she'd stop!

 Mommy and Jonathan enjoying a story. 

 Enjoying donuts for the first day!  The frosting tops missing and those smiles say it all. 

 A family bike ride in the morning.  
We made out our weekly chore charts, and biking at least 4x a week for 30 minutes is on the list.  Jonathan is loving being able to ride a pedal bike this year.  Thanks to the strider bike, he learned last month in a five minute session. 

 On the way home from Michael's birthday party.  Jordan loved the party hats.

 On Sunday we took a walk around the whole of silver lake.  
We saw a momma duck and ducklings, swallow nests in the side of a mud wall, and even spittle bugs. 

 My four handsome dudes!  #2 and #4 take pictures really easily...#1 and #3 don't hold as still, so it's lucky to get one where they are all looking. 

 Jack was always the leader, didn't even matter when we said he had to stay with Jordan.
He just took Jordan's hand and led him to the front :)

 The two of us by the lake, the moon is really big in the background (trust me, it's there).

 A selfie with all six of us?  
We might need a selfie stick once we have one more little "J" in the picture.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
So happy I could enjoy it at home with my little family. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Las Vegas for Labor Day

Labor Day weekend we headed to Las Vegas.  Jenn and Bryan were blessing their new baby Jasmine, and we wanted to be there.  Saturday we headed to St. George, and our friends the Judkin's were so kind to let us stay there.  We went by the new Cedar City temple, and my boys loved it!  It's going to be dedicated in a few weeks.  It was a great place to stay, and we really appreciated it.

Sunday we woke and drove the rest of the way to Las Vegas.  It worked really well to not have to drive the whole way in one day.  Also there wasn't room for us to stay in Vegas with all of Bryan's family coming into town too.  We made it on time!!!  In fact early!!!  Huge deal for us!!
Looking at my new niece

James just holding baby Jasmine

Afterwards we had a great dinner and games at Jenn and Bryan's before heading back to St. George for the night.
Papa showing how this toy worked

Outside blowing bubbles
We stayed out for a little bit, but it was really hot

Games with cousins

Jack conquered the balance game

Jenn and Bryan had a nice dinner planned.  Unfortunately there was fresh garlic in the rice, and Jonathan ate it.  He had some, then looked at me and said "mommy, I have to throw up".  So I'm catching it in an itty bitty styrofoam bowl, and just at the moment, Jordan falls down their stairs...
You know, just keeping it real :)

Papa and Jonathan after his little allergy problem

Jack plays so well with his cousins

James loves the baby

Jenn and Bryan cutting the frozen cheesecakes they made

Nathan with his sisters:

Last goodbyes at the car.
Karissa is due in October with their second.  
Good luck to them on the birth of their new little one coming up!