Friday, November 4, 2016

1st half of August...before baby

So I thought that baby boy Manwaring #4 would be coming in either late July or early August...I was wrong.  We did some fun things before he came, in addition to my nesting habits :)
The Tour of Utah pro bike race came down by Snowbasin, and we went to watch the riders descend and take a corner. 
The course officals told us to stay off the road, and keep the kids me, you don't have to tell me, my kids were in the grass and not close to the cement.

Here they come... many... close! 
What was even crazier was we ran into 2 Total.CARE teammates at the same spot!  There's only 6 guys on the team!

A cousin get together at Grandma and Papa's house

The week before the baby was born, we went on a hike with our friends the Hymas family up to Green Pond.  We told Jonathan we were going on a moose hunt.  Well....
...there ended up being a moose at the pond!

But as you can tell he was far enough away that we felt completely safe, and it was beautiful.

Enjoying the twilight by the pond.

All the kids checking out the moose

Nathan found this very interesting rock, right in the water at the pond.  It is very unique, and we aren't sure what kind it is.  
It is also completely polished.  Very strange to find in a pond in the mountains.

 Seeing the moose made his night.  
However, now every time we go to hike he thinks we are going to find a moose.

I love this...

...reading Curious George stories to his brothers :)

Well, with still no baby and school now approaching,  I had wanted a little one on one time with each boy before the baby.  So Grandma Kathy was nice enough to take two while I could take one school supply shopping and to get a treat of their choice.
James wanted ice cream of course

Jack is showing off his new fast shoes

By our house, two new little deer fawns with their mommy

We went swimming with the Beckstroms
Here is Jonathan with Jett (who loves our boys, they are the little brothers he always wanted)

Cousin Isaac's minion birthday party!  Issac was born on the 15th, which was my due date.  Also another cousin was born on that day as well, Rondo.  Our baby didn't end up coming on the 15th, but that's okay.
A minion pinata
All of Isaac's cousins that could come

We stopped at Grandma Hiller's house on the way home and they kids hunted for snails.

So the first Sunday in August and I was still pregnant lots of people commented on no show of baby.
By the second Sunday, I only got sympathy comments from women, and none of the men in my choir would talk to me:/

Grammies and Boompa had come out to hopefully see the new baby...but he didn't want to make an appearance yet.  So Grammies was still here the weekend before he came, but Boompa had to go  home the day before.
Our last Costco trip, enjoying some cool snacks with Grammies

Giant Teddy's!

Nathan was in the Heber Valley Road Race, which is the state championship race.  This was his first race as a category 2 rider.  He did well, 12th place out of 27, and 15 guys did not finish.  It was SO hot!  

A little of our crew by the finish line
Kirstin came too!

The whole crew at the finish line.
Drew and Lee had finished in the catagory before Nathan so they stayed to cheer him on.

He made it!  He said he had wanted to quit because of the heat, but he pushed through.  Nathan has accomplished this year on the bike. 

Cute boys with Grandma and Papa

 They were all there, how fun for Nathan to have lots of people there to cheer him on.
(They also all didn't want me going alone and being so pregnant, not like it mattered, he didn't come:/ )

On my due date, August 15th (Grandma Kitty's birthday!), we went for a walk the night before my induction to try to get contractions started, and Jack didn't want to ride his bike anymore.  Well, I could barely fit on it... so I rode it around.

Though funny, it didn't start labor unfortunately.
Each kid has been so very different!
Shows that I actually don't know anything about how to get labor started :)

My last WOD before baby. Monday the 15th at the 4:30 class.  Overhead squats, I was really trying to help this baby out, but he was quite comfy.  I liked also showing my mom one of my favorite activities. 
Finally, a big snake in the road by our house.  I helped shoo it off to the side so it wouldn't get run over.  I think that it was a bull snake, there wasn't a rattle on it.

And thus, half of August went by and I still hadn't had my baby boy.  
I gave him my eviction notice, and he was to vacate my womb on Tuesday, August 16th via induction!