Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Uintah Adventure

A few weeks ago in September we got to hang out with our good friends Aubreigh and Matt and Quinn Parks. The boys took all the little boys in the morning so Aubreigh and I could go shopping at the outlets in Park City. We met them (though not before getting a few phone calls about what to do with three little boys 2 and under) at a trail head in the Unitah's to eat lunch by a waterfall and go hiking.

Haha. Hiking?! What were we thinking?! We went about 30 yards, and figured out that going with Jackman, James, and Quinn would be lots of trouble. James and Quinn just wanted to throw stones at the water, but their little legs weren't as stable as their parents wanted them to be, they kept tripping, and we were afraid they would fall in. Throw in a case of both of them wanting to be independent and walking by themselves and not in the backpacks, and Aubreigh and I ended up taking the little ones home and let our big boys go out hiking and fishing.

When we got back to the Parks' home, it looked like a scene from the movie "Daddy Daycare". However, all three were alive, happy, and fed. Sometimes that is all you can do. I think that they appreciate us mommy's a little more, and we appreciate all they do for us in letting us stay home with the kiddo's (but it is nice to be able to go shopping sans kids with your girlfriends too sometimes! That night we got to watch the BYU game with them at their home. BYU lost, but it was a very fun weekend. Thanks guys for having us!

Matt and Nathan in the Unitah's