Friday, June 18, 2010

A Fire Up the Canyon

A fire up the canyon with Jason and Nicole! We made tin foil dinners, hot dogs on a stick, and corn on the cob, all over the coals. James loved the sticks and the fire, I'm not sure which was his favorite. We went up to Big Springs National Park.

James loves the sticks, it looks like a cigar in this picture, this is his impression of a member of the mafia :)

Jason, James, Nicole, and Nathan enjoying the food and outdoors

James and Mommy, James is exploring the dirt and sticks, and enjoying it.

Thanks for going up with us, love you guys!


danniey said...

ha! I love James' mafia picture! So cute. We miss you!

Kate Bailey said...

HAha, that does look like a cigar! I did a double take when the photo loaded. Maybe James unintentionally started a fire up the canyon?? Just kidding. :) Looks like you guys had fun! It's a blast to just let little ones explore the world around them... they love it all!